Google Analytics transaction-specific values

Hi Guys,

I wonder if is possible for someone to help me with WIX ASP values for Google Analytics.
For example: I want to include in the Thank You Page event snippet the value, order id and currency. Is it possible to be tracked from there?
I need the ASP attributes to include in the snippet code.

'value': ????,
        'currency': 'USD',
        'transaction_id': ????'

You can use the Track & Analyze feature for that purpose. For further questions about this, please contact Wix Support team as they know best about it.



Thanks for replying, but actually it doesn’t help me collect info about order number or order value if I don’t know those strings that wix uses.
Regarding support, I asked them about this in the first time and they told me to go get help on the wix code forum.

Once again, I just need to know those values I have to write in the code so it collects data. If it is not possible you better say that and I move on and stop searching because nobody from wix support ever says something for sure!
Thank you!