Google Map Marker Description doesn't work

The Google Map component seems to stop showing the description text.
I’ve been over the documentation to make sure I did everything by the book.

Can you please help me?


How have you implemented the solution, do you use Wix Google Component or is it inside a HTML Component?

It’s Wix Google Component

The problem might be invalid text or tags - or maybe the text is too long. You should try cutting parts of the text out and see when it starts working.

Please post the editor URL of your site. Only authorized Wix personnel can get access to your site in the editor.

This is not the case, even when I copied Wix example (“description”:“Wix Office”) it showed the same empty white box.

@itamar How can I get to the trial page? I keep getting an Error 500. Without a test scenario I am unable to see the problem.

It seems to me that the problem might be the longitude and latitude settings. Maybe try a console.log() to see if the values are valid.

@yisrael-wix Are you using the url parameters in the link example?

@itamar In order to determine what the problem is, I need to run this in the editor - and the editor doesn’t use “normal” URLs. I need a way to navigate to the “problem” page so I can inspect.