Had set bookings in calendar Exported it in CVS format, but its not visible in Excel/Numbers (Mac)

Hello members,
need help, Had set booking in calendar, Exported it in CVS format, Rows & Columns are visible but the entries which I made those are not visible in Excel/Numbers (Mac)


Hi, could you provide more details, please? What were the dates you selected on the modal? how many sessions you expected to find in the spreadsheet?

Thanks Maya for reverting,
for Q1:

Please check attached images. (I mentioned the way I entered)

Q2: I do almost 15 /20 session in month, at the end of month I have to generate a report.

are my answer clear, if you need anything more please let me know,


@anandbhutkar Thanks for getting back to me. Could you add a screenshot of the export modal and the dates you select there?
Also, please provide your site address so we can further investigate it.

@maya-ekron Thanks, here are the screen shots of export & excel file & my web address is www.anandbhutkar.com.

Pls let me know if you need anything more.


@maya-ekron Another doubt, I have a Wix Premium Plan, but while
connecting “Accept Payments” why its showing me this screen or asking me pay more…

Can you please help me in this as well to get clarity.

@anandbhutkar Hi, thanks for elaborating.
I checked your site and saw you had no bookings between May 2nd and June 2nd: all the sessions you have there have 0 participants (meaning no one booked them) and therefore your bookings list was empty. If you want to see the sessions list, you can download the staff hours.
Please contact me if you have any more questions.

@maya-ekron Hi, thanks for reply…
Its bit little difficult for me to understand. can suggest any article related where I get step by step process, so I can follow it.

@anandbhutkar Hi, sure! please explain what do you expect to find in the CSV file you are exporting and I will explain how you should do it :slight_smile: