Hallelujah! Text Mask in Editor X is Now Available

Now on Editor X, fill your words with a unique video, image or gradient, for a visual experience unlike anything else on the web.
Powered by an exclusive innovative technology of live text which is accessible and also optimized for SEO, Text Mask lets you shape up the way text looks and plays on your website.

How to add a Text Mask and what can be adjusted?

  • Open Editor X.

  • Click on the Add panel.

  • Pick a Text Mask preset from either the Text Section or the Decorative Section.

  • Edit the Text by clicking on the ‘Edit Text’ action in the GFPP.

  • Choose the Text Mask’s fill you want - A gradient, an image, or a video (In the design tab in the inspector).

  • You can also set the Text design by changing or uploading fonts, alignment, line and sentence spacing, capitalization, shadow and more.

  • For Media - you can apply a color overlay and also add a blend mode that will create a unique visual effect.

This new feature also brings new capabilities into Editor X:

  • 16 Blend Modes that will blend with the color and will create a unique visual

  • Capitalization mode - in a click, you can set your text to be all in UPPER CASE, lowercase or Sentence case


We can not connect the text mask with CMS. that’s a bummer.


Hi! I’m also trying to connect the text mask to a CMS, but the option is not letting it or maybe is not activated. I’m just a little confused that the option is right there, but it is not doing anything when clicking in it. Is there any possible reason why this might be happening?
Any information would be really appreciated. Thanks!

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