Header buttons issue only in the mobile version

The buttons like the menu, sign in, sign up that I put in the header are not working only for the mobile version, they are not clickable. On the desktop and tablet resolutions everything is OK. I can`t understand what may be the problem. Any idea what should I look for?

Wix Studio Editor

What are you trying to achieve:
I want the buttons to become working.

What have you already tried:
Watched the video tutorials

Have you got a link to the site/screenshot of what’s being shown?

I think I’ve encountered this before and it came down to a layer’s issue.

Select the header> right click> arrange> bring to front (do this for each breakpoint it’s needed on)

It might not be the solution, but is the first step I’d try :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback! I just resolved it. I know that it may sound silly but I`m not a developer. There was a container ovelaying the buttons.

Thanks again!

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