Header with strip (which collapsed on load) moves page elements down during page loading (chrome browser)

Hello WIX team,
I found the following issue which occurs in the chrome browser:

On page load when there is a strip collapsed on load in the header, white gap is shown (for a half a second) between header and page elements, causing a “blinking” effect.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Add strip to the header
  2. In the editor set strip to be collapsed on load
  3. Add some element (another strip) on the page beneath the header
  4. Open site in the chrome browser

Actual result:
There is a “Blinking” effect on the page load - space shown between header and the page strip for a half a second. The space has the same height as a collapsed strip inside the header. Open chrome browser and go to this test site with reproduced issue: https://gomelalexander.wixsite.com/mysite-1

When header strip collapsed on load, no gap shall be shown between header and page elements. In explorer browser behavior is correct.

I will appreciate someone to take a look at it.


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