Hello! The site is stretched when live. How can I modify to ensure I get the same view as when I am in edit mode?

Hey there. What do you mean by stretch? Which elements does not look good?
I’ve done the check on two websites you’ve got a was not able to locate the problems by this description.

Hi Andrew! Here is the issue: when looking at the live site at 67% , you get the edit view and everything is in the right place. When looking the site at 100%, you see items overlap. This should not be the case. Increasing or decreasing the page’s view, should not affect the position of the placeholders or cause verbiage to overlap. The whole view should move from big to small and back as one compact set of items. Also, the site I want to be reviewed is Sartorial made via Editor X and not the original Sartorial made via the regular wix options.

I appreciate text explanation, but video is required for me to be able to provide with specific actions.

In general I can suggest you to review elements size: are they in PX or in %
What dockings are you using for the elements got problems on?
Are grids setup correctly to have more control over the elements positioning?
If we are talking about the text, do you use scaling?

If site looks good only at 67% zoom out, this means that you are working on large screen resolution on Editor X most likely, so when you are doing the review on the live site version, zooming our is required to see the content properly. This could be caused by sections sizing, grid cells sizing, dockings, text scaling and so on.

In general this article could be useful for you:

but still without proper video explanation, I can give only general suggestions, like use text scaling, % for dockings, grids for element to have more control

Look at how items dont move as a compact set as I change view from 67% to 100%. Lines, letters and everything are moved in all kinds of places.

I cannot publish a site ad ask people to view at 67%. What if they choose to view at 100%? Are they gonna be seeing things move in all kinds of directions?

you got enough grids and text scaling setup, along with this some stack setups was not setup well:

as for the text you need to use text scaling here:
also I was using overflow content hide to the page, to remove the scroll bar:

still for more mor deep investigation, I want offer you to contact our Customer Care team, the are fully dedicated for this: https://support.wix.com/en/article/editor-x-contacting-customer-care-for-support