Help: Custom interactive map with filter functions


I would like to realize a simple but very specific project.
I would like to create a page with Wix/Velo/Editor-X like this electric car finder Web App here:

(Or something similar to this app here:)

The page consists mainly of an interactive map where there are several pins and also an icon for the user’s current location. The user should easily find a location near them that they are looking for. There should be a filter function that filters the map and a dynamic list according to the user’s preferences. When you click on a pin on the map, a small box should appear with important information about that location. The user should also be able to add new locations to the database. I would like to be able to customize the designs of the pins and the filter buttons.

Is this possible in Wix or Editor X?
If so, how exactly would you advise me to proceed? Wix has a built-in map option, but there is also a Google Map API. Which method should I use? I don’t know if the Google Map API can be connected to the Wix database.

I already managed to implement the basic functions in Glide Apps myself, but I didn’t like the fact that I can’t change the design, so I wanted to switch to Wix.
I would just like to know how to get started and apologize if I may have posted my question in the wrong forum.

Maybe someone can help me. I would be very happy about any answer.

In Wix you can do everything by code (if you are expirienced enough).

So back to your question, if this is possible? —> Yes, it is. (possible in both of editors)

How to generate it?
For this purpose you can use an HTML-COMPONENT or even better you can create your own CUSTOM-ELEMENT, where you can create the CODE you need to create your wished function (app).

You also can try to use the out of the box GOOGLE-MAPS provided by wix, but i don’t think it will fit all your needs.

But you should also know, that this will be a time-consuming work.