[Help] Google Analytics goals - Wix Bookings

Hi all,
I am desperately trying to add a GA goals once someone successfully book a service on my website https://www.browstudiodubai.com/book-online but as there are no “thank you” page I am quite lost.

Can someone help ?


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For questions about Google Analytics, please contact Wix Support team as they know best about it.


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Ah, this is how this forum works ? You redirect to the support center ? I thought it’s about helping each other.
If i am posting here is because i didn’t find the answer i was looking for with the support center team.

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Hi Marc,
This forum is specialised in the Wix Code product. If you haven’t found the answer in the articles, you can simply submit a ticket and they’ll help you with this matter as they know best about this feature. You can also email support@wix.com if you don’t find where to submit a ticket.

Good luck,

@_tal Tal, i have contacted the support many times don’t worry i know very well how to contact them but i am not satisfied with their support. If you can’t help me no worries maybe someone else will and if it’s not the right forum to ask this question please direct me to the right forum, or you have only this one ?
But I believe my issue is related to wix code as i need to implement a code in the Wix booking page to be able to track conversions in GA
I tried adding this but it didn’t work :

amazing forum