Help me get a "hover button" to play a sound when hovered?~!

I want users to be able mover their cursor over an image (or set of icons) and both see a graphic highlight and hear a sound. (Mostly short musical bursts/blasts/beeps/etc., designed to play well together…) Ideally these events would trigger quickly and be able to overlap each other. There are more capabilities I’d like to see in this vein, but I’d be very happy just to be able to do this!

I did contact customer support and I’m informed there is no way to do that with current objects (they did say that a request would be put into the wish list department).

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No news about this issue? I am trying to do the same

PS; I see someone named “duhashehadeh1996” may have made some progress towards this goal. Looking at the right sidebar on this page under “Similar Posts”.

I might contact him.

Thing is, I don’t want to become a programmer to do this. I want objects that I can drag. In the meantime will be putting my energy into making music.

Crap… had just written a long reply before my PS. Not seeing it.

Basically said, no, haven’t heard a peep. I think they are missing out. Such an element—hover triggering sound and a visual change—would add a lot of pizazz and art to their app.

I did something like this to make a little app (fit on a floppy disk) called Sound Toy. Won the New Visions/New Voices contest in 1994 sponsored by WIRED magazine and Voyager Publishers. Used a now dead visual app builder called, I think, Sirius App Builder. Been on the lookout ever since for something to bring my Sound Toys concept to the online world.

Please tell me if you come across anything.

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Have a look at this answer by matheus.mvl

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I appreciate the pointer, but I’m afraid I’m much more of a musician with novel interface ideas than a programmer. I have enough on my hands just keeping up with all the beta software I’m dealing with because of moving to an M1 MBP.

But if someone made a simple object that I could load with a short sound and have play immediately in response to a cursor hover (bonus points for also triggering a new graphic image/hilite) then I would be so happy.

@toddthing What’s your email? I can help you from there

I am also looking for a similar function. To play sound when hovering over an area. Were you able to find a solution? The code provided by @matheus.mvl works well but I don’t want a visual button and I would like it to be activated when hovering, not by clicking.

Hi try this:
uUnder C Builder
AnsiString MySound = LoadSound(… some sound file);
PlaySound(MySound.c_str(),NULL,SND_MEMORY | SND_SYNC);
it works for me

There is n event on most components in c builder call ‘onMouseMove’
This is triggered when a mouse moves over a compon ent
Hope this helps

Do you know how to reset de sound control to begining. When I chande pages it remember last place and starts from there. It is linked to a data base. Sorry for my English I am from Argentina