Help: [mobx] exception error?

Good day Wix team,

I have a number of web pages which have been working fine for months, but now display the following error in the browser’s developer console:

[mobx] Encountered an uncaught exception that was thrown by a reaction or observer component, in: 'Reaction[Autorun@2650] TypeError: Cannot convert undefined or null to object
at r.

This is causing a problem in that any interaction with an input element on the page causes the browser to move back to the top of the page. This problem occurs across Chrome, Firefox and Edge, even if I disable all background code on the page.

Any ideas?


Hello Nick,

It’s an issue on our side, we are working on fix.
I’ll update you once it will be solved.


Hi Nick,

Issue has been resolved, please check and confirm.


Hi Alexander. Problem solved - I’m not getting the error messages anymore. Thank you for your help.