Help! Reply directly to the email from the form

[I have a form on my website that, after being completed by the user, is sent to my e-mail. When I want to use “reply”, the recipient is “no-reply” and not the email address provided by the user in the form. Are there settings that will cause the response to be addressed to the address provided in the form?.]

[Wix Studio Editor]

What are you trying to achieve:
[I want the response from the email client to be addressed to the email address from the form, and not to “no-reply…”…]

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[I didn’t find anything about it]

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I’m not sure that’s possible - since the email you receive is a notification email to inform you of a form submission, rather than a direct contact from someone to the email address you want to reply from.

Curious to learn more about why replying to the email notification is important :slight_smile:

Well, I am actually confused. On the previous version of the website, I had a form (it’s not a site built in WIX), and I received messages from the website in my email client, and when I used the reply function, the form’s address was included. Unfortunately, I am not familiar with coding, but it must have been resolved somehow.

I’m pretty sure they want a reply-to email header in their confirmation mail that points to the email address provided by the user in the form. That way the mail client will know any replies shouldn’t go to the sender address (noreply) but to the address provided in the reply-to header.

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For sure - I get that. Although as far as I know it’s not currently possible.

Let’s get it submitted as a feature request :slight_smile: - Product Roadmap

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