Help! Save and Publish greyed out, can't save my work

Hi! I’ve been working on the site for hours, making a ton of changes, but I’m afraid I’ll lose them all because I can’t save my work! :frowning: Wix support isn’t up till tomorrow, so I’m hoping someone here can help.

Save and Preview are greyed out, and the blue progress line under Preview keeps going back and forth (right to left, appearing and disappearing):

I don’t get any error messages when I try clicking Save and Publish; I just can’t click them. Similarly, when I try selecting these under the Site tab at the top of the editor, nothing happens (and I don’t get an error).

I tried duplicating the site, but the duplicate is several hours old, and doesn’t have any of my recent work. Same when I tried opening Editor in a new tab: the version it had was old. I tried clearing my browser cache but that hasn’t helped.

I still have the original Editor tab, with all my changes, open. I’m too scared to close it or quit my browser (Chrome 67.0.3396.99 on Mac) until I know my changes are saved.

I’m very concerned about losing my work and would be very grateful for some help!!

thanks so much,


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Update: I called Wix and after they transferred me to 2 agents, they told me that all my work was lost and impossible to recover. Apparently my session had timed out and there’s no warning in the interface when this happens, so I had no way of knowing. When I saw the Publish button progress bar moving, I thought it was in the process of publishing, so I had no idea my work wasn’t being saved.

To make matters more frustrating, the first thing they tell you is to clear your cache, but then if that doesn’t work and it turns out to be a timeout issue like mine, they’ll tell you that there’s no way they can recover your work after your cache has been cleared.

I am really frustrated and disappointed in Wix. Are there other hidden traps I should watch out for, as an new, non-expert user?

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