Hi, How can i check that am i in the list of WIX partner ?


What means “Following” ?

Hi Kamran - do you mean if you are a Wix Partner? The answer to that is yes :slight_smile: By being a part of this forum, you are already a Wix Partner.

Following is when someone is ‘following’ a post to see what other responses are added.

Thank you so much Sheyla. I got my answer. How can i get work or tasks from WIX users with the help of my this status. Because I know only WIX website designing.

@kamran080 It sounds like you are referring to the Wix Marketplace . Applications are currently closed, but we will update everyone once that changes. :slight_smile:

Hi @sheyla ,
I have also the same doubt. I am part of this forum with partner dashboard access since months but till now I am not able to access wix Arena/Wix marketplace to offer my service . So how long should we wait?is there a waiting list or time frame that we can follow to know this?

@sheyla Actually I mean to say I want to get hired by people to design their WIX websites. As WIX givss option “Hire WIX Partner”. So I want to get hired by people to design their WIX websites.

Hi Nithin!

They are two different things. As part of the community, you have access to a lot of cool things: the partner dashboard, the forum, our community youtube channel, our partner blog, etcetera.

The Wix Marketplace has a separate login. Currently, applications are closed. There isn’t an exact ETA, but we will keep you posted as soon as something changes. Keep an eye on the announcements page. Stay tuned!

@kamran080 Yes, exactly. That’s what the Wix Marketplace is for :slight_smile: As I mentioned, applications are currently closed. We will let you know once they re-open.