hi wix community is it possible to have 2 member accounts?

hi to save me trouble in searching could it be possible to have 2 different member accounts? one for reviewers and the other for business profiles? i currently have just one members account dashboard panel linked to business profiles

thanks in advance

Hello Stevo,
i do not think that this is possible, but what about using roles?
You can generate sites which are just shown to special roles.

and so on.

I am sure you can also create your own role-system.

Create some role-closed sites which can be visited just with the special used role, assign some roles to user and its done :grin::wink:

How would this work though? When a reviewer signs up they’re automatically added as a site member, would i have to manually change every members sign up role? Or would it need to be done with code on the signup page Somehow? Thanks

I don’t know to what extent you need to do this with the role allocation on your website, but when it comes to permitting certain groups to certain specially generated pages, you can create your own roles, this shouldn’t be a problem.

However, if you want to use Wix templates and apps, then you should use the Wix role-system.

You could just as easily create your own dashboard pages.

Let’s say we have 3 pages:

Page-1: (Access only for business people)
Page-2: (Access only for customers)
Page-3: (access for everyone)

As soon as someone logs into Wix, they will receive their own ID.
In theory, any role could be attached to this ID or eMail. (Own-coneccted-database)

  1. King
  2. General
  3. Customer
  4. Queen
  5. Boss
  6. or what ever …

But this only works as long as you don’t use Wix-Apss and templates.
If you use this, then you should use the Wix role-system.

And, in my opinion, you won’t need 2 accounts in these cases.

I also had this problem once. Because I do not use any Wix apps and I try to assemble everything by myself, in my case it worked well with my own rolle-system. You assign the role to each user once and is good. With all the subsequent logins, the role of each user is then automatically recognized and assigned.

In addition, you could create your own dashboard for this role system.
From where you could conveniently distribute your role to each user.

But as I said, Wix actually has own specially designed role-system.

Perhaps you are better served with it.

So when they sign up as a site member via a custom signup lightbox would i have to manually set a role for them each time someone new registers?

Ok, how i would realize your project.
These are only my own theoretical thoughts, how i would solve this issue.

Ok, so when you say, that you use a custom REGISTRATION and LOGIN, so then you have much more possibilities.

Then for example you could determine some kind of own registration code.
For example every User who has a “#” in as first charakter in his username (or what ever another symbol or letter, shall be a customer. Every user who registered with “§” as first letter, shall be a vendor and so on.

This information you would save into your own additional database, with email and all of data wchich is needed.

Then when a user logs in, you can ask for his e-mail or id. When you have his email from PrivateMembersData, you look into your own database for this email,
do check all the references and then you will find that the name which belongs to this e-mail has a “§” at first place, for example.

So what does it mean?
Yes —> now you really have an automatic assignment, don’t you? :grin:

But perhaps, i am also wrong, who knows :grin:

Could here be found a solution?