.hide() effect has a very annoying flicker at the end when applied on anchor menus, this started occurring only recently

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Applying a simple slide hide effect from code on an anchor menu makes it first slide properly out of view, then quickly appear and disappear for a split second.
As you can see in the GIF, it slides in, then slides out, and then “flashes” quickly: I want to get rid of that flash.

This problem doesn’t seem to occur with any other kind of elements I tried this effect with, only with anchor menus, both pinned or unpinned.

There are no other effects applied and no other code manipulating the visibility or position of this element.

I didn’t have this issue before, but it suddenly started happening for no understandable reason.
I tried restoring an older version of the website that didn’t have this issue, but surprisingly the bug became present there as well, as if some recent Wix engine update created this bug.

I tried creating a new anchor menu on a new page, the issue remains. I also tried on different browsers (usually I use chrome) but the same issue is still occurring.

I opened a support ticket but the answer I got was that Wix does not provide support for Wix Code, and that I should refer to the forum for assistance …

I would be very grateful if anyone could help me troubleshoot that!
I’m an experienced developer so don’t be afraid to get technical in your answers.

Hello Fractal,

Can you post the code snippet that relates to the hiding and showing of these elements?


Hello Majd, thanks for your answer.

If I comment out all of my code and only leave the following snippet in the page code, the problem still occurs:

$w.onReady( function () {
$w(“#anchorMenu1”).hide(“slide”, {duration: 500, delay: 0, direction: “left”});

Since this issue is not WixCode related I’d suggest you to contact the Wix Support Center . They know how to deal with these types of issues.


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I will try contacting them again, but as I said I started by sending a support ticket, and they told me that they couldn’t help me, and that I should ask on WixCode forum instead.

Can you please share a link to your site and specify the name of the page so we can try to inspect?

Here is a page I made specifically to troubleshoot that issue: https://www.beta.fractal.ae/test-anchor-menu-bug .
Thank you in advance!

We are inspecting it.
Will keep you posted.

Is there any update on that issue? I would really appreciate the help, thanks!

It has been two months now, this bug is still present, I would really appreciate some help …


I now have this same issue when hiding slides. Has this been resolved? - if so please can someone point me to the resolution?


Try to put it the .then of an expand

Like this code :

$w.onReady(function () {   

$w("#anchorMenu1").expand().then(() => {

$w("#anchorMenu1").hide("slide", {duration: 500, delay: 0, direction: "left"}); 

You may set a promise return with delay option a little bit less than effect, and no set duration option to contorn this problem.
It seems a bad solution, but it works.

let closeOptions = {
 "delay": 675 
let fadeOut = {
  "duration": 690,


Hello, I have found an easy solution inspired by my predecessors :

let closeOptions = {
“delay” : 685 ,

let fadeOut = {
“duration” : 690 ,
“delay” : 0 ,

$w ( ‘#group5’ ). hide ( “fade” , fadeOut );
$w ( ‘#group5’ ). hide ( “fade” , closeOptions )

For the Wix developpement team : I have worked many years in your job as a project manager. To give no answer to a post, after having say, you will answer, is a very bad behaviour to us, your customers.
Not to have sold what is a bug after years…