Homepage Transition

Hi on the editor x I will like to create a landing page that will automatically transition into the homepage without even clicking a button

Look at this websites design I want to be like how they have it

see websites


as I can see, this is not as much of a transition, but the pre-loader, like this for example: https://www.picklewix.com/wix-preloader
we got no inbuilt solutions for this yet, but it can be done with Velo, or Custom Code

One more question once the preloader fade out I want it to go directly to my other page I create it how will I find the id for a whole entire page?

As I can see from the example you’ve shared, there is not any redirection set, it is just preloader finishing the animation and showing the home page afterwards.

as for the Velo and page id here is the example: https://www.wix.com/velo/reference/$w/page/id

As for the custom code, you can just use preselect the pages where the code should be applied.