Hover Buttons - Can they have different text?

Trying to figure out a way to have the text change when I hover over a button.

Wix Studio

What are you trying to achieve:
For example, the button would be white and say “Private Coaching” and then when you hover, it would turn black and say “Book Now” in white text.
If I can’t do this with a button, is there another way to build it to seem like a button?

What have you already tried:
I tried to build 2 containers and make a hover animation on one of them, but it keeps putting one container inside the other and I can’t separate them.

Additional information:
Thank you!

You can add a hover animation to a container that will fade one button/test and show another button/test. You can then add links to them.
This would work for your situation. If you need help let me know.

Hi Dan - thanks for the reply. Hmmm… I’m a bit confused as to how to set it up. I’d love some more detail.

I did try it with two containers, but when I tried to layer them on top of one another, one went inside the other and I can’t figure out how to keep them separated but layered.

option 1 - add 1 container - add 2 buttons - add hover effect to container to fade in and out each button.

option 2 - add a container that looks like a button - add 2 text , text with link on the Book Now text - add hover effect to container to fade in and out each text.

if still stuck you can contact me at DCI Designs and I can help further.


Thank you for the help. It worked to have two buttons layered inside one container and put the hover/fade animation on the top one. Appreciate the tip!