How can I change the backcolor of the sidebar menue and the button menue of blog posts ?

Hey @All,
I’m new in wix, but I’ve some experience in programming (C++, C#, but less in website programming).
On my website I set all elements to blank background and white font color (except buttons).
Now I have a problem in the sidebar and button menue of blog posts, because the settings shows the font white, but the background not to blank - both are white. I can only read the text of the menues if I mark it by mouse.

I use the “new Blog” - is there an option to change the backcolor for each menue ?

Tanks in advance !

I don’t think you can make them transparent.

Hi carlosgalvarez,
thanks for your reply. That sounds bad :frowning:

Is there a way to override it by using HTML ?

Update: the text menue in the blog is always black. In this menue settings only changes the icons:
EDIT: is this a bug ? in this or the post menues ?