How can I find my mobile friendly URL to reroute tablets using

both the mobile version of your site and desktop one have the same URL.

If the mobile friendly view is turn on, the site will be displayed optimized for mobile automatically on mobile devices.

So how would I send some one to the mobile site if they aren’t coming from a mobile device? This article seems to indicate that there is a mobile specific url. See step 4 of the instructions.
However it doesn’t explain how to find the mobile URL.

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It is a poorly written tutorial. It lacks explanation and other important details. (It was tutorials like this that inspired me to create my own ----- which I may very well create my own version of this exact tutorial in the near future.)

The tutorial is actually assuming you have created another DIFFRENT home page that is styled differently for mobile. (It is not super great for SEO to duplicate oages with the exact same content. )

The code can only check to see what type of device the person is using to view the site. The code does not allow us to change the ‘mode’ via code.

If the user is viewing from a browser that allows them to ‘view as desktop mode’ then there is nothing you can do to prevent them from clicking that option.

All your pages only have 1 URL. There is no special URL for desktop and URL for mobile.

So what to do?

CQ suggestions / options you can choose from:

  1. When your on your desktop editor, simply design all the elementd as if you were designing in the mobile editor

  2. When you are designing on the desktop editor, build on strips and collapse on load. Add a text message such as “To view this site please use a mobile device.” Go to mobile editor and un-collapase elements.

  3. Just design desktop version. Will not hurt SEO. If you dont want to or dont know how to simply join a FB group and ask for design suggestions or hire someone to do it for you.

  4. P.s. You mentioned the word Tablets in your original question. Tablets actually see your desktop version ---- not your mobile version. So you would simply need to design within the grid lines on desktop version.


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Thanks CQ for taking the time to write that detailed response. I too had found that tutorial confusing. I initially had a separate tablet page for redirect which worked but I didn‘t want those extra pages like you mentioned. I had seen that tutorial and thought there was another way by redirecting tablet to mobile. I guess not. Regarding placing all the elements within the guidelines, it just simply looks crowded and I prefer the desktop experience be better looking than the tablet. Right now I’m trying Editor X for a responsive design although I have encountered some issues there as well. Thanks for your contributions !

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Is there a way to move elements positions if visiting from a tablet?

No, ‘tablet mode’ is everything within the gridlines.

If you design on strips with columns it will look less crowded on desktop, and will act responsive. Wix actually has an amazing blog post about this. Its a couple years old, but still very valuable. It will explain how to design in columns.