How can I get a live sync from the Wix database to a google calendar

We have custom made a booking platform for our wix website but the data goes straight to the database. This seemingly bypasses the Wix calendar. Because nothing appears on the wix calendar , nothing appears on my synced google calendar.
Could someone please help me fix this issue please?
Thank you

Hello @yisrael-wix ,

I have the same problem as Dorian. Please help us fix the issue. I believe it is possible to sync the data in the database that I created to the google calendar. It is something like this, whenever a client booked a specific date and time (using a date picker and time picker elements), the date and time of appointment will be stored in my “Bookings” database, and also, I want to be notified in my google calendar that someone has just booked an appointment.
I hope you understand what I’m trying to achieve.

Thank you in advance. :blush:

Anyone? Please help. :pray:

@aeroengineerz7 you can use webhooks available for wix booking events to sync the information between wix and google calendar through apps like integromat or zapier.