How can I get the additional info that users input in the custom form

How can I get the additional info that users input in the custom form because when checking out it doesn’t save to a database?

The only way to see the information a user has submitted is in Dashboard> Subscription > and it’s information per member. When a customer buys a subscription more then once they don’t have the information associated with the subscription on the member’s “My Subscriptions” page.

I have been trying to figure this out for a long time now. I added code to “My Subscriptions” member page and I can see the pricing plans coming in the console but the form data / submission data is an object and it is empty. I only get the form ID and submission ID. How can I get this information and tie it together with the subscription plan so the member can see the information they put in the form?

Please help.
This is the code:

import { orders } from ‘wix-pricing-plans’;

$w(‘#myListOrdersButton’).onClick((event) => {
.then((ordersList) => {
const firstOrder = ordersList[0];
const firstOrderStatus = ordersList[0].status;

  console.log('Your orders:', ordersList); 
  return ordersList; 
.catch((error) => { 


Thank you in advance.

I need to compile this information into a database as well. Or when the user submits the form and their plan/subscription, have the answers to the form emailed to me.

same issue please tell me how to solve this

I’m having the same issue. This single issue might be the tipping point causing us to build a website from scratch and stop using Wix. If we can’t get subscriber information programmatically, we can’t build additional features. This is disappointing.

I have the same issue. My uses purchase the same subscription for various locations. And in my user form they specify the location. However on the uses subscription page there is no way for them to distinguish which subscription is associated with which location. It would be great if the user subscription page could have a couple of details from the form.

If there’s no solution for this I will need to somehow figure out how to create a separate page pulling the data from Jerry Rigg databases and hope I can be upgrading the right subscription if they make a change or if they cancel a subscription making sure it’s the correct location.

This is really not a good thing it could be easily fixed from wix just adding one line from the form data to the user subscription page.

I am having the same issue!