How can I recover my site?

I just switched from Wix Editor to Editor X and everything on my site is broken.
When I add a new section, it overlaps an existing section.
The footer is now hidden behind the section. I can’t see it.
I can’t even delete the section.
I don’t understand what’s happening. Can someone please help me?

I added a new site in Editor X to test it and it works fine.

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Hi 樋田 勇也

Can you try to revert it again? Here you can find more details about how to do it:

Let me know how did you get on.


As you move forward again, I recommend making a copy of your existing site as a back-up, and convert it so that there is no down time, interference with regular functionalities, or worries.

Hi Edu

Thanks for the advice.
I will revert and try to convert to Editor X again.
Hopefully Editor X will work properly next time.
I’ll write here again when I get the results.

Thank you iamteejay.
Fortunately, this time it was a pre-publication web site, so there was no serious impact.
I didn’t expect Editor X to exactly replicate the previous design, but I didn’t expect Editor to stop working properly.