How can I Scale buttons Proportionally?

Why is there no option for Scale Proportionally for Buttons?

Do you mean in Studio…if so there is. If the old editor then nothing

Yes in Studio. How? When I select a button I don’t see any “Scale Proportionally” options in the “Responsive Behaviour” setting dropdown

it is on the right hand side toolbar

@Dan_Suhr This is the Wix Studio forum. I think we should just assume all posts are related to Wix Studio and not classic.

@Josh1855 if you don’t see it, you’re using the “Styled Button” and not the “Basic Button” for some reason you do not get proportional scaling as an option on styled buttons. Which I’m actually going to ask about, because I don’t understand why they’re different.

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yes, but have seen many posts about the classic editor in here and wanted to make sure before posting the solution

Thanks. Yeah, this seems like an oversight. Is there any way to swap out my current buttons for Classic style ones without having to drag the new ones in and position them manually?