How could a section be inside of another section? (EditorX Newbie)

It might be hard to understand from this photo but the entire purple section when on the tablet mode is somehow inside the green section. Green and Purple are two fully separate sections but for some reason I can’t pinpoint what the issue is on why this is.

Desktop/Phone view look like this:

Another problem i’m having is when on phone view - this purple section (photo above) has a huge space where as the others (below) don’t have the space.

You can see the text that ends with “Smooth and hydrated” has a huge space, and I can not get behind where this gap is originating from. The text below is perfectly fitted within it’s container (this is what i’m going for(

I appreciate any advice and apologize in advance if this makes no sense - figuring out the best way to describe problems I’m facing.

Thank you all in advance!

-Luke (Lou)

Hey @luke-sheldon200 , would you mind sharing the link to your live site? I will try my best to help.

Hey Eve!

Yes here is the site link:

I’ve been messing around with it so it might not be 100% similar to the post but the same error is happening. I appreciate any help you can give.


Here is just a little video of what I’m seeing on the editor

you got some problems with section grid cells sizing, so conflict is occurring, please see how you can resolve this, by making value more simple:

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Thank you thank you thank you! You’re a life saver - I was going to completely re-do the design but I’m very glad you showed me - very very much appreciated.