How do I display an {} object in my collection to a table?

So I’m exporting google sheet data into JSON and then pasting this JSON code into an Object field-type column in my collection. I want to display this on a table, how do I do that? Is it even possible?

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Depends on how you want to display it. Need more information. What’s in the JSON and what do you want to display? Do you want to display fields in the JSON in a table?

Yes I want to display fields in the JSON in a table.

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You’ve got a couple options…

Using a Table , you will need to build an array of Table data and then set the .rows property .

If you choose a Repeater , you will need to build an array of Repeater data and set the Repeater’s .data property .

Either way should work for you, however the Repeater offers much greater flexibility and many more options.

Hey man, this is great. Mind if shoot a few more questions?

If I choose either table or repeater. I would need to drag a preset onto the work area and link it using either related properties? That would be my next steps on this adventure, is this correct?

when you say “build an array of Repeater data” or "build an array of Table data ", what doe this mean exactly?

I would create a column in a collection and in each cell is an array that the repeater or the table linked to it will read?

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To build an array of Table or Repeater data, you need to follow the explanation and examples provided in the APIs for the table .rows property , or for the Repeater .data property .

For each JSON that you have, you would take each field that you want to display, and add it to an object that would represent on row of a Table or Repeater. After you have an array for all of your JSON objects, you then set the value of either the .rows (for a Table) or .data (for a Repeater) property to that array.

Looks like I’m very near cracking this thing. Thanks for all your help! Really appreciate it.