How do I edit a specific design element in repeater?

I have an architect client with a lot of projects so I created a repeater to display them. Within these cards I have tags saying whether its Residential, Restaurant, Mixed Use, etc. and I want to have these color coded.

Is there a way I can have ‘if residential make green’ ‘if restaurant make pink’ or whatever that logic will be? If I try to change the color in one item, it changes it in all and that’s not what I want.

I am using a data set so it can be easily integrated.

What it’s like now:

What I want it to be using Repeaters:

Hey! If you want a no code solution: you can use stretched image (that are connected to your data collection) as a background for the colored containers, but then you will have to pick the right image each time you add a new item

You can also do it by code, that way you will not have to update images manually when uploading an item:$w/repeater/onitemready$w/repeater/data$w/box/style