How do I get the repeater to move my button?

I saw this post from Yisrael which is exactly what I want my repeater to do.
I have a repeater with a button below it that I need to move with the repeater as it expands, but mine doesn’t , the repeater shows on top of the button.
First I had the “repeater1” to show/hide but changed to “expand/collapse” with no change.
I then changed to “expand/collapse” on the container object, but still no change.
How can I get the button to move with the repeater while expanding and collapsing?

If anyone else is having this issue, this is how I got it working.
I had to put the repeater and what ever I needed to move with the repeater while expanding, inside a box, then it worked.
It’s those tiny, simple things one often oversees :slight_smile: