How do I switch columns?

How can I move the image to be in the right column and the text in the left?

Apologies for the late answering. I hope you figured it out…

If not, in the inspector panel, you can determine where each element sits within the grid. I’m not sure if it’s possible to click a button and have everything reverse, but you can reverse the settings manually and then assign elements to the other side.

For example, if the left hand column is 65%, make the right 65% instead and place the image into the right hand side.

I’m having the same issue. So I take it there’s no direct way on Wix Studio Editor to reorder the column? (ie. without manually moving each column’s content to the other column and changing each column’s paddings + other settings)

In Wix Editor you can do this:

Is there an equivalent in Wix Studio?

I can code, but I’m setting this up so other non-technical editors can easily do this on their own with any element.

Any help appreciated!