How do you add a page redirect once a booking has been confirmed? (using Wix Bookings)

Hi guys,

I’m trying to create retargeting web audiences for Facebook ads and I would like to target people who were about to make a booking on my Wix site, but did not submit it. I could technically create this retargeting audience by including people who have seen the booking page but excluding people who have seen a confirmation page.
Since the confirmation page is the same as the booking page (I’m using Wix Bookings app), I am not able to do that. With Wix Bookings, the URL does not change once a booking is succesful.

Therefore, I was wondering if it was possible to create a redirect as soon as a booking is completed (e.g. from to ). What would be even better would be to have the same confirmation message on a new URL once booking is completed.
Therefore, I would be able to do my facebook audience retargeting for people who were about to book a consultation but did not complete it (since they did not get redirected to /applicationreceived)

If you need additional info, please let me know.

Thank you!!!


I tried to see your page but got a 404 when trying. If you do use Wix Bookings you have to find a way to read out that booking information from the data collection and see if that booking is now present. If it is redirect in code. I do not know if you can get on hold on any of these because the Wix Bookings API is read only but that is my best shot.