How do you link a button to a site members profile?

I’m trying to link a “Go to Profile” button on a shared member page on my website and I can’t figure it out. Below you’ll see the “Go to Profile” button:

These are two separate posts from two separate members. I want to make the “Go to Profile” button go to the members profile who posted the collection to the page. Right now I can manually do that in the collections content manager. I want it to be set up where I don’t have to do it manually and it just assigns automatically. Thanks for any help!

I am trying to achieve something similar.

Did you find the solution?

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I did not!

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I was wondering the same, right now I just have the button with a link I put in manually that goes to theirs

I am also looking for the same code and have not found it yet. If someone finds a solution, can he help us? Or by emailing me