how I can erase a wrong htm code on my page, added with html iframe?

This is my question…
I added by error a htm code on one of my web page. It report me a white page with the text code when I “call” the web page.
How I can edit the file to erase this line?
Thank in advance

Have you added that in a html component or where have you added it?

I Have added it in my web page, create with wix, using the html1 window to add htm code

I am whaiting to solve my problem with de bad code htm entry, in my wix web page. We are any possibility to edit a web page on the screen in html/html1 mode to modify a wrong line?
I submited by error with html/iframe app a wrong line code in htm and I need erase it.
thanks in advance

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Hi there

You can edit the code pasted in the htmlComponent edit code setting (where you initially pasted your code).

be aware when to first click the button to edit the code all of the code will be selected. This allows you to copy the code or paste over it using simple keyboard cut and paste commands.

Probably the best approach you can use is to write the code you need in an IDE like Visual Studio Code. Using its lint and syntax checking capabilities you can verify the accuracy of your html.

Then simply copy all code in VS Code and paste it into the htmlComponent edit box.

A good way to debug the html is to add a log capability in the html code that updates the html in the component as the JavaScript executes. There is an example of this technique on this page I recently pulled together…


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thankyou Stscroppe. Where I find the htmlComponent in menu bar of wix? I open my web page in edit mode but i can´t see where it s…

What is the published URL of the page you are having problem with?

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