How should I pin a element in the mobile's webpage?

I want to achieve an effect like this:
1.on the mobile‘s page,I put a repeater in the left side to be the menu
and I use an other element on the right side of the page to serve as the function of the classification of the menu.
2.When I swipe the menu on the right, the elements on the left will automatically select the category of the item that has entered the page.
3.When I click on the category on the left, the element on the right will automatically jump to the first item of the corresponding category.
4.The elements on the left as the menu are always displayed in a fixed position on the phone screen.

Which element should I use and How should the code be written?

On EditorX - set the position to be “fixed”.
On the classic editor it is not possible unless you create a custom element of your own and set its position to be “fixed” via code (for this solution you have to know some basic html, css and to have a premium account under your own domain).

Sorry,On EditorX - set the position to be “fixed”.<-I didn’t found how to set the position to be “fixed”