How to always have footer at the bottom of the screen?


On my site I have a couple of pages with not very much content, but I still want to footer to display at the bottom of the screen, regardless of the size of the screen the site is being viewed on. Is there a way to do this?

For example, if someone is viewing the site on a very large screen, the footer may display in the middle of the page even if I’ve pulled it down to what looks like the bottom of the page on my screen.

Thanks in advance!

Hello Bryony,

Make sure you set your footer to be frozen:

also you can add an empty box to the page to make sure the page always have enough content.


Thanks for your reply.

My issue is that the footer may still not display at the bottom on bigger screens, even if I were to freeze it and add an empty box. I’m guessing I need some kind of JavaScript code to have the footer fixed to the bottom, but I’m not so sure how to go about this.

Frozen footer should solve your problem.
Please share screenshots showing the footer isn’t at the bottom of the page even though it is frozen.

The question is more about page scrolling than footer function. I’m pretty sure we’re both trying to have the footer at the bottom of the page with no scrolling

But how do you freeze the whole page?

I just encountered this issue today, and found the cause, which turned out to be very strange…

Some background and my solution:

  1. My published site started showing space below the footer for all pages , regardless of how much or how little content was on the page (the preview site did not show the space)
  2. I restored previous versions until I found the latest version before this issue began
  3. I found that the space was given once I removed a Contact Form from one of the pages, as it was included in the template for that page
  4. I could replicate this issue by deleting and publishing, then undo’ing and publishing again. With no other changes made to the site, no form = space , with form = no space
  5. I found too that I could put this form on any page in any location, as long as it was somewhere , there would be no space below the footer
  6. Not ideal, but my workaround was simply to move it out of the way, and set its state to hidden , so that it exists, but is not visible
    6.b) EDIT: I found a collection was linked to this form, so I deleted the collection and then could delete the form without the space returning

Here are a couple screenshots showing my published site with and without the form, and the visible space below the footer from each

With form, no space below (you can see the top of my taskbar):

No form, with space below (then the top of my taskbar again):

@foxinthesnow87 If youre trying to make a page with no scrolling, you need to make a very small page that will fit on one screen. The size of that will vary with the screen youre viewing it on. Why are you against scrolling?

How does the freeze footer option work on wix studio?
I have the same issue with short pages… either the footer is somewhere in the middle of the page or you’re scrolling blank space