How to Build a Wix Multi Currency Store

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In this video I am going to show you how you can build a basic skeleton of a Wix Multi Currency Store using the Wix Corvid Platform.

You will learn how to:

  1. How to create a Forex database to store currency exchange rates
  2. How to wire a repeater to display your products
  3. How to create a custom cart database to allow users to add items to their cart
  4. How to create a custom checkout process using Wix Pay to process orders

View the code used in this video by clicking here .


Hi Shan this is great!. Has it gone to production? Can use this feature on WIX?

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Hey Shan! Tha’ts amazing… Really.

I would appreciate so so much if you could tell me how you do 2 things:

  1. The refresh button. What did you write on the code to make that button load the changes made?
  2. The currency change. How are you pressing one option inside a dropdown and it’s changing the currency automatically? With out pressing a search button or something…

That’s incredible, thank you very much!!!

  1. To refresh the dataset you need to reset the fields and hit the filter function like i did below
export function reset_click(event) {
    $w("#text1").value = null; //for input elements
    $w("#dropdown1").selectedIndex = 0; //for dropdowns
  1. You need to use the onChange() event for the dropdown element

Hi, Are the currencies “hard coded” in a table or you connect to a currency converter API?
Can you recognise the users location and show the currency accordingly?

its using an exchange rate value which is set in a different database. this way you control the rates instead of depending on an api service.

yes you can use google api to get the user location and currency accordingly.

although its no small task

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Hi Shan, I’m close to opening my online store but it’s kinda frustrating that wix doesn’t have multi-currency like shopify and I really need it since I’ll be having multiple languages ( natal language romanian and at least english for others), but the clients need to be able to choose their currency since I display only my local currency. Could you please help me with a code for the multi currency on wix? Or do you have an app/plugin?

Hi Shan,
Could you perhaps answer the following two questions for me:

  1. if my official store currency on wix is EUR and the customer chooses GBP instead from the drop down menu, will they actually pay in GBP or is the price shown in GBP just an interface and they will continue to pay in EUR and perhaps get charged a currency exchange fee by their bank.
  2. is there a way for me to channel specific currency payments to a specific account of mine, i.e. that EUR lands in my EUR account and GBP lands in my GBP account?
    Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Shan
How can i make it work for my store?


Hi has anyone designed a multi vendor store with multi currency option?