How to create a dynamic link on a button using the default Products collection

I’m loving Wix’s easy to use interface and how I can just add a product easily using the default Store Products tab in the dashboard. I’d like to be able to add an external website’s URL to a new Product I add, then on that product page, have a button that sends the user to the respective product’s external website link.

However in the Store Products tab, there’s no field for me to enter that. I’ve tried editing the default Store/Products dataset where this info this stored, but it’s set to Read Only and cannot this permission cannot be changed. I could create a duplicate of this dataset but add an additional “URL” field, but as a beginner, I’m not sure how I could do that whilst still linking this dataset to the super easy Store Products interface.

This is the most similar question I can find to mine

The only difference is that they seem to be using a custom dataset they’ve built. If I’m forced to go down this route, would I essentially have to give up using the Store Products tab and have to enter in new products via the database, rather than the easy to use Store Products tab?


I am now in the same situation. Did you find a solution?

If you did, could you kindly share an example code that can be used.


I have managed to come up with a solution for this so no need to share. If you’re still stuck I’d be happy to help.

Hi David,

I’m having the same problem as OP; I need a category navigation bar, and I’m unable link my dynamic dataset to create one with CMS.

I created a store thinking it’d be a good alternative, but I can’t find a way to link each individual product button to different external URLs.

Would you mind sharing your workaround if it applies?