How to Create Database for Customers on Wix

Hi. Could someone tell me how to create a search engine for wix? Basically, I want four buttons which say, for instance, a, b,c and d. When one hovers your cursor over each button you will see the same 4 options, for instance, I., II., III., IV. When you click one of these options, say option I, it takes you to a search engine in which you will be able to search for all the parts under option I and will also list down the parts under option I.

The parts for option I under a will not necessarily be the same as the parts under options I for b,c and d.

I hope this makes sense.

You can send me a message and we’ll guide you through

The Cascading Form example demonstrates how to Automatically populate a form element with options based on a previous selection. That should get you started.

I think he’s looking more for category pages each one with a different filter, and then add a search bar that filters repeated items. You should be able to find an article that shows you how to create a search bar. And for the pages, just create a four pages, each one with a different filter as well as a search bar. And don’t forget to link your buttons to each page.

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Hey @carlosgalvarez , you’re right. I was just trying to show a super simple start, and I know it’s not close to what his final goal is.