How to Create Multiple Forums

Although I have encountered various obstacles in creating my website, I was still able to overcome them through the well-made guidance videos from youtube. But the one thing that I absolute cannot achieve is being able to create multiple forums. I noticed that the “Wix Forum” builder can only be created once, but is there just any possible way for me to create multiple forums?

I truly appreciate your time reading my forum and I thank you in advance for helping!

Hi @steffanieyoon , currently its not possible to create multiple forums - but in your forum you can create as many categories and sub categories that you want - can you elaborate and tell me why you need 2 forums in your site?

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Hi Rafi,
Happy to see you in this forum. BTW More Flexibility is the reason why I need two/multiple forums in my community website. An example for my use case can be found here and I am still eagerly waiting for the high flexibility feature that you mentioned in that post.

Yes, I absolutely understand that I can create multiple categories, but for my website I will then have so many categories causing it to look very confusing and unorganized. I am creating a website that will allow the whole community to interact with each other, give each other advices, and communicate in general. Is it possible there might be a HTML code for forums?

@thrishtilabs I agree! This is also one of the reasons why I need this feature!

Yes, specifically for us, I would like to have a specific CATEGORY on each page. I.e. on the "mom’s page show the moms category, on the grandma page show only the grandma category. Is it possible with corvid?

Honestly, this would help.

Hi, I have the exact same need. I would need to display the forum on multiple pages and in particular display different forum categories on different pages.

For example I would need to display the Greece Category on the Page where travel info for Greece is displayed, the German Forum Category on the page with Germany travel content etc.

Is there a way to do that?