Wix Forums: More Subcategory Settings & Duplicate Posts

I have two requests simple requests that would make Wix Forums so much more dynamic…!

1st request: Multiple category/subcategory levels
(current is only 2 levels deep; category → subcategory).

If I can add a subcategory to a category… Why can’t I add a subcategory to a subcategory!? Please add more layers/levels!

PS. It would also be nice to duplicate a category.

2nd request: Wix Forums ability to duplicate posts (as a moderator)
I would like to be able to duplicate posts then move them to other categories that are private. It is super annoying to copy and paste when there could be a simple button!

I love everything else. Seems like it would be easy to add these features since the basic framework is already there…

Thanks! :heart_eyes::grin:

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