How to disable text hover (or text mouseIn)?


As text overlay in ProGallery is not size responsive to viewer size, I don’t use overlay in settings, but added a classic Title above ProGallery to get text’s size responsivity.

The issue is that clicking on that text will not allow to enter ProGallery Expand mode, as (it seems) there is no code or other way available to enter ProGallery Expand mode.
Result: if you click on the text part of the Gallery image to enter expand mode, nothing will happen…

So, questions:

  • how to disable a text element’s hover (or mouseIn)
  • if not possible, is there any code to force ProGallery to enter expand mode?

Thank You for your help !

Hi Ben,

Yes at the moment the overlay text in the pro gallery is not responsive,
I understand the workaround you were going for, but you cannot cancel the “mouse in behavior” of a text element, nor can you go to expand mode using code.

One option I can think of is to use it as it is with the text overlay (does it have to be responsive in size?) and BTW you can give a different font style and size in the mobile view.

another option I can think of if you want full responsive power is to use a repeater and create your own “Custom” pro-gallery. this will involve some code.

We are always working on improving Editor X so I will forward this feedback to our product team.


Hi Ido,
Thank you for your answer.

Unfortunately I’m not able to code, so that’s why I expect EditorX to offer great Galleries templates.

(Wix) ProGallery in EditorX is buggy and very limited.

Any release date for a EditorX’s dedicated efficient Galleries?

I’m afraid that without efficient Galleries templates EditorX plateform stays unfortunately useless for me…

Best regards,