How to edit "Get a pricing plan to access this page"

How do I access the page that states “Get a pricing plan to access this page” to be able to edit it?

Wix Editor

What are you trying to achieve:
I need to change the wording, font and color to even be able to read it. Currently shows as a black rectangle with black wording. I am not a coder.

What have you already tried:
I’ve looked through Wix Editor, Forum and google and can’t even find the page to edit.

If I understand correctly, you have a page on a site set to Members only for specific pricing plans, right?

If so, I believe these pages can’t be edited like you would a normal page. That being said, they should be connected to your site themes which are used to style the page.

If you have a screenshot of what you’re seeing that might help with a more specific solution.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

I have the same issue. Where can I customize this page?

It’s currently not possible to customise these pages (such as adding new elements, or removing/changing text etc.).

That being said, the design of these pages are controlled by your site themes (changing the text or colour there will update these pages)

Thanks Noah,
I do appreciate that the text and layout of this page are fixed, but could Wix please consider changing the wording with something less abrupt/terse than “Get a pricing plan to access this page”?