How to expand repeater in another page

I have some drop downs that the user can select so that defines the criteria for search in the database (repeater. I wish that the results are shown in another page rather on the same page (named “results”).

Any help please?

Attaching the current code for ease of reference

Thanks beforehand.

After the search criterial is entered. you can save them using wix-storage and then redirect to the display page. On the display page, you can then get the saved data from wix-storage , and then perform the query and display the results in a Repeater.

unfortunately I am new to coding only using it for the past two weeks. Can I have an example please?

You can use the examples in the wix-storage API. To redirect to another page, you can either set the Button’s link property to the display page, or use .

Also, Wix has many Velo examples which you can use to learn from.

Additionaly to Yisraels suggestions…

How to navigate between pages…