How to give permissions to all members to add/save/insert to a database collection

I have to update a database with data from a registered member. The database gives me the following error:
" The current user does not have permissions to insert on the savedstplns collection ."

My Code is as follows:
wixData . insert ( “savedstplns” , toInsert )
. then ( ( resultate ) => {

        closeLightBox (); 

} )
. catch ( ( err ) => {
console . log ( "ERROR inserting: " + err );
let errorMsg = err ;
} );

I have a members area but I can not give permissions to members, the Set Page Permissions Page
No Members-Only Pages To change a page to Members Only, go to the Editor and set Permissions.

I also do not see a Content Manager Icon in the Editor

Is there a way to grant permission for a member to write into a database just with velo?
Any ideas?

Perhaps using …

Read this… —>