How to make Multilingual Site with Wix Code?

I want to make my site Multilingual. I have Drop Down Menu.
In the WixSite, I can dublicate the pages and translate them. But in this case , I need to replace the Menu with the Buttons. I loose my Drop Down Menu Feature and also in Mobile App buttons do not look organized.

Did anyone create a Multilanguage Site with Wix code?


Unfortunately you can’t change the Drop down menu dynamically right now.
But the good new is that you don’t need to duplicate your pages, you can do this using dynamic pages, and replacing the menu with buttons that will have their label connected to a field in database.

See here about dynamic pages.


Hi Liran, I dont want to change a drop down menu dynamically.
Also, my problem is not about dublicating pages.
My Problem is using Buttons. For 2 reasons;

  1. With buttons I can not have drop down menu.
  2. Buttons are not structured in Mobile View.

Hi, you can have a Drop Down menu using code (use mouseIn and mouseOut events to show and hide extra menu buttons that are in a container).
And, you can have a costumed menu for your mobile view and show it only on mobile .


Hi Liran, first of all I am not a programmer. I can not easily implement these functions. Secondly, I think it is only to see the content of the drop down menu. I dont see any instructions on the page that you provided which I can click one of the point on the sub menu and can be linked to teh relative page. It seems to me that it is only to see the drop down menu content.

You can link each button without using code (using the link panel).


Can I link the points in the sub menu, each seperately?

You can’t do that when you’re using the whole menu component, but you can do that if you build you own menu using buttons.

Hi Liran, I created a website in 3 languages ( right now you do not see the French language) I have enormous problems to sell my products in 3 languages seperately. Because of problem of Wix Code, Wix Event etc… can you please assist me. I need to get in touch with you personally. Best