How to remove link in the product page. See pic for reference

Please see the attached picture. This is the product page on mobile phone view. How do I get rid of this automatically created link? I can’t seem to find in the settings an ability to remove or even change this link. It’s only popping up in phone mode at the moment.

Hi @angusnorwoodau , I couldn’t find a way to do it either. Perhaps a workaround would be to place a container over this text and set its width to 100%? Not the nicest solution but maybe someone else from the community will have an even better idea.

I like the suggestion.
How did you do it though?

My product section is locked and automatically seems to be arranged to front.

So I can’t get my container to sit on top and cover the black link text.

Note to editor x, simply checking a box to not include these links would be really handy.

Hi @angusnorwoodau , to bring the container to the front, select it, press the 3 dots, click “arrange” and choose “bring to front”. See image (let me know if you still have a problem):


Hey there! Yes I’m still having problems with it. I can’t add a container (or anything) to the product section because it seems to be locked. Notice that yours doesnt have a lock symbol next to product page where mine does.

I even tried putting a container to cover the link we don’t want in a section above, then making it -20 or so pixels from the bottom to push it in front. But the product section is locked as an element that apears in front, so not even that works. This little container I made to block it, when I scroll for the arrange to font tab as you’ve highlighted in your pic, it is blanked out, unpressable.

Any ideas on how to unlock this product section?

The text color is based on the description text. You could set it as the same color as the background but then your item description won’t display either.

Overall, I think that the workaround offered by Eve is a better one but I usually recommend having the navigation so that users end up back on the page they were on before rather than having to hit back and risk backing out of the site completely.

@Rob @evesilberx Hello there! Not having the description text of the product is a deal breaker, so hiding the text in the background isn’t really an option. I do thank you for the suggestion though.

I much prefer Eve’s option as well to hide the link behind a container, but the problem is my section is locked, so I can’t add anything to it such as a container. Otherwise, this would be an easy fix. Do you have any idea on how I can unlock my product section?

As for dealing with keeping the auto navigation link as you suggest. I would actually be fine with that, but the problem is, it isn’t actually acting as a link ‘that users end up back on the page they were before’. Because I would be fine for the Gua Sha product to link back to the Gua Sha shop. But instead, it automatically sends users back to the start of the website, which is not good at all because that sends them to products they weren’t shopping for. Sometimes its even been sending users to a random page on the website, for example, sunglasses page. The link is really buggy and untrustworthy. Is there a way to control where it goes? Or a way to fix it so it actually functions as a back button as you mentioned?

I know this seems like a small issue, but it’s literally the last unfinished business on this products site that is stopping me from launching it as it is so unprofessional to have a bad link like that.

If it helps, here is the website
keep in mind this bad link only pops up when using a mobile phone.

I was able to do Eve’s method on my test account by adding a container and docking it to the top (the container height of about 20 pixels seemed to cover the information).
You can see this in the video below:

As for the section being locked, I mention it in the video but it sounds like the Product Page is not within the section. I would recommend deleting and reinstalling the app as the Product Page should be a child of the Section.