How to retrieve RSVP information?

Despite many, many hours of search and testing I’ve reached the conclusion that Wix doesn’t offer any way to access the information contained within an RSVP. Just to try and forestall any misunderstandings I’m NOT talking about the registration form itself.
I’d love to able to reach the names and number of people booking places on an event. That would enable me to send out reminders saying that Only x places are left.
Is this information accessible? If not, how do I go about asking for it to made available?

Hello so I know where this should be, can you test it for me and tell me what you are seeing?

Use the snippet in queryEvents() - it’s a backend function so you will need to import the function to the FE and console.log the response.

You should see this value in the “summary” object returned from the API

Hi Amanda,
Funny enough I already had that in my code to retrieve all of the other information I needed.
Unfortunately the summary section is always blank.

  "rsvp": {},
  "tickets": {
    "revenue": {},
    "totalSales": {}

I’ve tried it on preview and also published the page and tried it on the live site without success.

Okay, I think this is a bug because that’s exactly what happened when I tested this myself. The object always returns empty. I’ve started asking around and am waiting for more information but in the meantime to expedite the process would you mind submitting a bug report to CS? That will help move this along and if they return a ticket number please share so I can keep an eye on this.

Bug Reporting