How to update existing database records via form submission


On wix I have set up a form that members can access when they log in. This form is linked to the database.

When they resubmit the form to update there records I would like the same record to be updated and not set up another record for this company. Somehow I need a unique field to check if this record exists, if so to update record.

I can’t find any tutorial on YouTube or how to guide on wix to do this.

Any help will be much appreciated.

Many thanks


In this case, you will want to use the update() function from the wix-data API shown here. In the link provided, take a look at the right side of the page and you will find a couple of examples on how to update a specific item your data collection. You will typically want to get the ID of the data collection item that you will want to update.

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Thank you so much Edward for directing me in the right direction. I finally have hope in the WIX platform again.
Before I reached out to this forum, I contacted WIX by email and on call to find a solution to my problem they were unhelpful on the call and then when I emailed them they said this is not possible to do.

Hi abs, did you get this to work? I’m looking to do the same - allow college students to create/update their information via a form. Would you have any example of how you did it? I currently have a website where each student’s data has been manually entered but this is not sustainable going forward.
site in feedback form here

I am sorry was unable to resolve this as coding was required. Although contacted WIX for there support they were unable to help.
If you do find a solution for this please do let me know.

Thanks, abs