I just don't get it ???

I have been working with Wix for about two weeks, mostly things work well. On thing I need help on are the Products and the Collections tables in the Wix Store.

I don’t understand why both of these tables are not open to me? IHow do you get the permissions necessary to modify these table? For example, I can not import from a CSV file that I have for Products. Secondly, how can I add mirrors of the two tables and use them just like the ones provided in the store?

I like MOST of the Wix environment but not understanding what I’m doing wrong is frustrating,

H E L P ! !
Please point me in the right direction.


Your products and categories can be found under the store folder in collections.

To import using csv follow this guide here: Wix Stores: Importing Products to Wix Stores | Help Center | Wix.com

Hope this helps,

Thanks, I appreciate the quick response.
I tried to follow the instructions you pointed me to. I got as far as going to the Store Products Tab. Then I got stuck. I do not see the import icon described in the article. See attachment below.


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