I lost my earned points in Partnerdashboard

Hey, i transferred two premium sites to my clients, but i lost my points…what happened?

You need to submit the sites for points on the Partner Dashboard. However, to do this, you must remain a contributor to the sites that you transfer. To submit a site, on the Partner Dashboard pick Partner Program in the left sidebar and then click the ‘Submit a Site’ link.

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hey, i have done it and i allready had 600 points. Now i have 0 :smiley:

@chrisdis9112383 Christian, just to confirm:

You submitted the sites for points AFTER you transferred them to your client?

Because yes, you do lose points when you transfer a site, and the only way to recover them is to resubmit.

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@jim75924 oh okay no i did before. That is not very clear. I thought i can earn 300 Points for Premium Site. Another 100 Points for transferring site to costumer…but i think i have a mistake in my brain …

@chrisdis9112383 :grinning: Yeah, it can be confusing.

As long as you OWN a premium site, you automatically get the points. When you transfer ownership to your CLIENT, you lose the points. However, you can reclaim those points if (1) you are still a CONTRIBUTOR to the site and (2) you SUBMIT the site on the Partner Dashboard.

By the way, it can take a little while to get the submission approved.

@jim75924 okay so it would be better when i transfer it back so i have 300 points back :smiley: nice to know