iFrame auto-resize to content option

I am not sure if someone has posted this yet, I did a quick search and I could not find a request made. Many people seem to be asking the same question “how can I expand the height of the iFrame to the content in the code.” I have come across this same issue where I would like to save space on my website and use one page and just have drop down page that shows content like images or text like in the example page below. This basically can’t be done using iFrames without needing to resize the iFrame the full size of the content and with the content collapsed there is no way to know how large the iFrame needs to be.

Do you think you can push out a option that can be enabled like a check box for auto height for the iFrame so people could use more advanced code in the code editor or iFrames?


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Hi @northwesttreesgaming ,
Feel free to take a look at our newest component: Custom Element .
You’ll probably find it useful for this specific issue.

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Request for functionality: Increase the width limit of the html max 740

When integrating a site in html on the forum, unfortunately it is increased to 740 max.

Its possible to have the full width of the integrated site ?.

It’s frustrating